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Sunday, January 29th, 2006
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Shinnenkai at Osaka
Hilton's Checkers Restaurant

Continue ringing in the new year and celebrate the near
completion of another hopefully successful semester with us
while tucking into Checkers' dinner buffet or something else on
the menu! With a wide selection of Japanese and Western
dishes, at 4,050 yen/person, their buffet is reputed to be quite
a deal (add 1150 yen if you'd like your fill of 8 kinds of wine!).
See map at

This may turn into a "rolling" party so that if you'd like to come
earlier (they open at 5:30 pm) or later (they close at 11:00 pm)
that's very possible (2 hour limit on the buffet though).

Friends, family, teachers, students: all are very welcome to
attend. Please RSVP to Bob Sanderson at , and please indicate the time you'd
like to start if other than 7:00pm.

(If you missed our bonenkai you won't want to miss this!)

The meeting is at Brasserie Checkers Restaurant, on the 2nd
floor of the Hilton Hotel, just across from JR Osaka station (tel.
Cost for non-JALT members: About 4000 to 5000 yen per
person for dinner buffet; for JALT members: same

Friday, February 17th, 2006
6:15 PM - 8:45 PM (18:15 - 20:25)

Exploring Action Research Methods:
Examples from an Extensive Reading

Greg Sholdt
Himeji Dokkyo University

The conceptualizations, justifications, and benefits of action
research will be explored in this presentation and the basic
steps of conducting an action research project, including a
variety of techniques for collecting and analyzing data, will be
described. The presenter will share his experiences
collaborating on several projects investigating an extensive
reading program at a Japanese university and explain how the
results of those investigations serve to adjust the format and
implementation of the program. Participants will work together
to identify a topic for action research in their own classrooms,
select appropriate methods of data collection and analysis, and
develop a feasible plan of action. The primary goal of the
meeting is to have each participant come away with a clear plan
of action, knowledge of the necessary steps and available
resources, and the confidence to carry out their research
project with success.

Greg Sholdt holds a BA in Psychology from the University of
Virginia and an MEd in Educational Psychology from the
University of Hawaii. He taught graduate level introductory
statistics courses and a course on educational psychology for
students in the teacher education program at the University of
Hawaii. He has also worked as a statistical consultant assisting
graduate students with the analysis of their research data and
interpretation of their findings. In addition to Extensive Reading,
Sholdt's research interests also include motivation and CALL.
He currently teaches and conducts research at Himeji Dokkyo
Place: Osaka City Municipal Lifelong Learning Center's 6th
floor meeting room of Umeda's Dai-2 Building.
Tel: 06-6345-5000.
Cost: members 500 yen (local membership only 1000 yen);
"One-day members" 1500 yen
Friday, March 3rd, 2006
6:15 - 8:45 pm (18:15 - 20:45)

Civil Rights in Japan
An evening with Arudou Debito

As educators we have a responsibility to have some awareness
of society at large. One measure of a society is how it treats or
protects its weakest members. After a brief overview of the
treatment of some of Japan's minority groups, the speaker will
focus on discrimination against foreigners citing some
examples and opening the floor to discussion about the ins and
outs of the issue.

Arudou Debito (formerly David Aldwinkle) is an American
born, naturalized Japanese citizen living and teaching in
Hokkaido who is best known for his social activism regarding
the rights of foreign residents in Japan. Author of "Japanese
Only--The Otaru Onsen Refusals and Racial Discrimination in
Japan" and frequent columnist for
The Japan Times, Arudou has
brought the issue of foreigner
rights into the media limelight.
While considered by some to
be nothing more than a
disgruntled protestor, he
maintains his position that
Japan still does not do its best
regarding the rights of minority
groups, including foreigners.
His criticism extends to businesses,
police, and government agencies at
both the local and national levels.
His most recent cause involves the
case of Steve McGowan, an American
who claims to have been thrown out of
an Osaka eyeglass shop due to the color of his skin. As a
university instructor, Arudou has numerous commercial and
academic publications dealing with education, as well as social
issues. Whether or not you agree with his views, this event is
sure to spark lively debate. For Further information about
Arudou Debito, please visit his homepage at:

Place: The sixth floor meeting room of the Osaka Ekimae Dai-2
Building's Lifelong Learning Center, Tel:06-6345-5000.

Cost: members 500 yen; non-members 1500 yen

Sunday, May 21st, 2006
1:00 - 5:30 pm (13:00 - 17:30)
Tech Day 2006
Gordon Wilson, Bill Pellowe, Robert
Chartrand, Cameron Romney, and more

This event is intended to hone our computer skills, and to share
favorite websites and software that should be helpful to teachers
and learners both in and out of the classroom.

Gordon Wilson, of Hannan University, will show how to use
Open Office dictionaries--creating customized web-based
dictionaries for use in test making and in students' customized
dictionaries for personalized vocabulary study.

Bill Pellowe and Robert Chartrand will make two joint
presentations: (1) Using podcasts, the latest online trend, with
your students - even without an iPod. (2) Using your iPod in the
classroom. For those who do have ipods, the presenters will
show the advantages of using them in the classroom in writing,
reading and speaking lessons, including how to use an iPod to
show photo slideshows and videos. Pellowe teaches at Kinki
University in Iizuka City, and Chartrand at Kurume University in
Kurume City, both in Fukuoka Prefecture. They are the
producers of ELT Podcast,

Cameron Romney, of Momoyama University in Osaka, will
show how to use Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook to send
personalized mass e-mailings, which are great for letting large
groups of students or others know the same information without
all of their addresses appearing in the "to" line.

All that attend will be encouraged to share ideas and favorite
websites of potential interest. Dinner party follows.

Place: Computer lab on the third floor of building 6 at Hannan
University's main campus, a 10-minute walk north of Kawachi
Imami station, on the Kintetsu line from Tennoji.

Cost: members 500 yen (Osaka local membership is now only
1000 yen!); "One-day members" 1500 yen.
Sunday, May 28th, 2006
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (10:00 - 17:00)
Storytelling Workshop

Charles Kowalski, Brian Caspino,
Steve Thompson, David Simpson, and more

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world
of today."
–Robert McAfee Brown

Would you like to be a better storyteller?

Would you like to help your students remember vocabulary,
express themselves more richly, and enjoy talking more?

The short story:

1. Charles Kowalski, Master Storyteller and main facilitator for
the day, spearheaded the Storytelling Space at JALT 2005. He
has an MA in TESOL and Spanish from the School for
International Training in Vermont, and a certificate in teaching
Japanese from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in
California. He taught a storytelling course at Oberlin College
and has conducted storytelling workshops for language
teachers throughout Japan and in the U.S., Taiwan, Russia,
Singapore, Korea, Thailand and Cambodia. He received the
2002 'Best of JALT' award from Kobe chapter and is the
founder of Storyspace:

2. Brian Caspino, Passionate Language Learner and English
Instructor, teaches at Himeji Dokkyo University and is currently
studying in the Temple University PhD program.

3. Steven Thompson and David Simpson, are the
developers of Club L, an interactive internet based movie,
music, art, and book site

4. High School and Adult Student Group: is a group of students
sharing their experiences with reading, storytelling and
improving their English.

5. You

Please bring a SIMPLE story of your choice, either from
memory or a picture book. We will share this in the group.

Besides storytelling, you will have the opportunity to enjoy
several mini-presentations and to tour the amazing facilities at
the YMCA International Elementary and Junior High School. All
teachers from all areas are welcome and are encouraged to
share ideas in Japanese or English, and to invite other teachers
and students.

Space is limited to 50, so please pre-register (if possible by May
25) by e-mail, fax or telephone. We will confirm your registration
by e-mail, but please include a telephone number in case there
are contact problems. Contact Steven Thompson, Kadoma
Namihaya High School, Cell: 090-
1226-2317 Home: Tel/Fax: 072-885-3856

Place: YMCA International School, JR/Chuo Bentencho station,
ORC 200 bldg 8F, tel: 06-4395-1002 (www.oyis.

Cost: members 2000 yen (Local membership is now just 1000
yen); "One-day members" 3000 yen.
Sunday, June 11th, 2006
10:00 - 5:00 pm (10:00 - 17:00)
Registration begins at 9:45.  (Download schedule here)
Authoring Autonomy:
Experience, Resistance & Resolution

Tim Murphey, Keiko Sakui, Neil Cowie, Stacey
Vye, and Martha Robertson

This is our 3rd annual Osaka Chapter/LD SIG collaboratively
co-sponsored day-long event. This year we'll focus on exploring
teachers' and learners' learning experiences, identifying critical
issues and moments in our development of learner and teacher
autonomy, and learning from them.

There will be four workshops:

1. "The Identity Construction and Performance Weight of Intent
Participation", led by Tim Murphey of Dokkyo University

2. "Student Resistance: How Can We Deal With It and Is It a
Reflection of Students' (Lack of) Motivation?", led by Keiko
Sakui of Kobe Shoin Women's University

3. "Resolution: Reasons Why Experienced EFL Teachers Stay
Positive and Motivated", led by Neil Cowie of Okayama

4. "Exploring Critical Moments of Change in Our Learning and
Teaching Lives", led by Stacey Vye of Meikai University

Finally, Martha Robertson of Aichi University will lead a
reflective activity to wrap up and tie together the day's
workshops and discussions.

Don't miss this sure-to-be-lively and participatory event! If you
can't make it for the day of workshops, be sure to join us for the
party afterwards!

Place: Osaka City Municipal Lifelong Learning Center, on the
fifth floor of Umeda's Dai-2 Building, just southeast and across
the street from the Hilton Hotel. Tel: 06-6345-5000

Cost: members 1000 yen (700 yen for half day) [Local chapter
membership is now just 1000 yen!]; "One-day members" 2000
yen (1400 yen for half day).

Sunday, July 9th, 2006
2:30 - 4:00 pm (14:30 - 16:00)

Group Building in the Classroom

Speaker: Warren Decker

As teachers, how can we…

    * learn or at least use all of our students’ names?
    * help our students feel comfortable with us and with each
    * encourage them to work together and help each other?

This is a workshop for anyone interested in these questions. 
We will start with some simple name games, progressing
through to increasingly challenging team work activities.  The
latter portion of the workshop is open for a discussion and idea

This workshop will feature lots of active participation, so please
wear comfortable clothing, and come prepared to share your
favorite name learning and group building activities with
everyone else.

Come on down to Izumi for a great afternoon of group building

Warren Decker currently teaches at Momoyama Gakuin
University in Osaka.  Formerly he was in Sendai on the JET
program where he taught at elementary, junior high, and
special needs schools. After two years as an ALT, he became
the Chief Educational Advisor in the Sendai City Board of
Education, responsible for professional development of 70
ALTs. He has a Master's degree in English Education from the
University of North Carolina. Outside of the classroom, he
enjoys spending time with his wife and two children and
exploring mountains.

Place: Room 1-B:  Izumi Lifelong Learning Center
(Come out of Izumi-chuo station, go up the escalator and turn
left.  Walk along the elevated walkway until you see Seattle’s
Best Coffee on your right.  Room 1-B is on the third floor of the
futuristic looking glass building)

Cost: Free for all
Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
2:00 - 4:00 pm (14:00 - 16:00)

Imprisoned in America:
The Mary Matsuda Gruenewald Story
(Hanami Social afterwards near Osaka Castle)

Mary Matsuda Gruenewald,
author of Looking Like the Enemy:
My Story of Imprisonment in
Japanese American Internment
Camps, will make her first ever
visit to Japan and share her
timely story with us.
Afterwards please join us as we
enjoy the cherry blossoms
along the river near
Temmabashi station.

This event is co-sponsored by
NewSage Press, SIETAR Kansai,
and Kyoto JALT.

Place: The Dawn Center, near Keihan/subway Temmabashi
station, 06-6910-8615.
Map and directions here. Child care available with advanced

Cost: 500 yen for JALT and SIETAR members,
1000 yen for non-members

Past Events: 2006
Arudou's Book on the
Otaru Hot Springs case. 
Click here
Excerpt from the book
Sunday, October 29th, 2006
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM (13:30 - 17:00)

Wine, Cheese, &

-preceded by Osaka Chapter
annual officer elections and
business meeting

Speaker: Lin Lougheed, representing Pearson Longman, and
Grant Trew, representing Oxford University Press

Osaka Chapter members are encouraged to meet for our chapter
business meeting and annual officers' election, starting at 11:00
am near Temmabashi station. For details please email
sanderson808(at mark) .

Then from 1:30 pm, Osaka JALT, in conjunction with Nara and
Kyoto chapters, welcome two experts to tell us about the new
TOEICR test, brought to us by Pearson Longman and Oxford
University Press.

1:30 Doors Open

2:00-3:00 Lin Lougheed: "Preparing for the new TOEICR"

The new items types and expanded length of TOEICR
conversations, talks, and reading passages require revised
teaching procedures and careful classroom management in order
to prepare students for the new TOEICR. The presentation will
provide strategies for students taking the new TOEICR and for
teachers preparing these students.

3:00- 3:15 Break. Book display for Oxford University Press &
Pearson Longman

3:15-4:15 Grant Trew: "New TOEICR: New Challenges, New Skills"

The recent changes to the Listening and Reading test, and the
forthcoming introduction of the TOEICR Speaking and Writing
tests at the end of this year, introduce an entirely new set of
challenges for test takers. The presentation will highlight the more
important changes to the current test, outline the types of tasks
that will be faced on the new Speaking and Writing tests, and look
at some ways of developing the new skills necessary to score well.

4:15-5:00 Wine and Cheese reception and book displays from
Pearson Longman & Oxford University Press.

Lin Lougheed started his EFL career in 1968 as a Peace Corps
volunteer in Turkey and has been teaching, teacher training,
writing, and presenting at conferences ever since. He earned his
doctorate at Teachers College, Columbia University and has
received two Fulbright awards: a scholar grant in Sri Lanka and a
professor grant in Tunisia. In 1983, he founded Instructional
Design International, Inc. to develop English teaching materials in
all media. Lin Lougheed is a past member of the TESOL Executive
Board and has also served the organization as Chair of two
special interest groups: Teaching English Internationally and
Materials Writers. He is an acknowledged leader in TOEIC and
TOEFL preparation and has written over 35 EFL/ESP texts.

Grant Trew has been working in the field of EFL for nearly 20
years in the UK, the Middle East and Japan. For more than 15 of
those years he has had a special involvement with the TOEIC test,
including teaching, materials writing, course design and
planning/running large scale teacher training courses. He is an
ETS trained item writer for both the current TOEIC (Listening and
Reading) test, and the soon to be released Speaking and Writing

Place: The Dawn Center, near Keihan/subway Tenmabashi station
(06-6910-8615), Seminar Room 2 on the fifth floor. See
for map and directions.

Cost: members Free; "One-day members" Free.
JALT National Conference
Wine, Cheese, & The New TOEICR
Lin Lougheed, representing Pearson Longman, and
Grant Trew, representing Oxford University Press

What better way to get ready for changes in language testing than with wine,
cheese, and experts in the field? Lin Lougheed gave us the benefit of his
experience preparing TOEIC materials and the changes he has
experienced in this process. Lougheed set up some general planning
considerations for classrooms, focusing on how best to get the language of
test preparation to match the language our students will use.

Trew took us through the new TOEIC content in all seven stages of the
current test. After providing us with concrete examples of the skills
necessary for the listening and reading section, he introduced the new
speaking and writing section, including a practice session for each of us.

Audience members’ involvement with TOEIC varied a great deal. Whatever
the level of involvement, it is clear that the changes coming in the test will
have an impact in what our students need. The real impact of the
presentation came from the presenters’ techniques showing that “passing
the test” and “learning the language” are going to become more and more
compatible in the future.

-- Myles Grogan