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Osaka JALT Chapter Constitution ratified 

Osaka JALT Chapter Constitution ratified

The results of the ballot to ratify our new updated chapter constitution is as follows:
Yes -- 105 members
No -- 2 members
Abstain -- 5 members

Voting ended June 21. We had 112 votes out of 198 paid-up members, for a fairly high 56% participation rate (and 53% approval, so a clear majority). The new constitution can be viewed at, and a list of all ratified chapter & SIG constitutions is posted at

NOTE: If you are a paid-up member who did NOT get your ballot in an email titled "Osaka JALT Constituiton", then there may be a problem with your email address in our records, so please check and/or update it with our Membership Chair.
And if you DID get the ballot but did not vote, then please let us know that your email address is valid, as this election is a good opportunity to confirm or update your info with us.


Ratification of Osaka JALT Constitution: Voting Deadline June 21

Dear Osaka JALT members,

Osaka JALT needs a few minutes of your time.

In order to comply with Japan’s laws governing NPOs, Osaka JALT (and all other chapters and SIGs) must adopt a bilingual constitution. Rather than go to the trouble of writing and translating a lengthy constitution as some chapters and SIGs have done, our chapter officers decided to approve the very short and simple template (below), as was advised as one viable option by a special committee of national officers that was working on this issue. We now submit it to you, our membership, for official ratification, which, with your cooperation, we hope to be able to do by midnight on June 21.

Please read the proposed constitution (which simply states that Osaka JALT will comply with the JALT National Constitution and Bylaws) and then click on the link in your email titled Osaka JALT Constitution to go to the voting site.

Voting will take 2 clicks and less than one minute. (If you take care of this now, you will be spared reminders from our new high-tech on-line ballot system, once your vote is registered!)

Even if you want to “abstain”, we hope that you’ll register your vote. Your officers appreciate your participation!

The proposed constitution, along with links to the JALT national documents, is posted at . Ratified constitutions of other Chapters and SIGs can be found here, in case you're interested in comparing them: .

Thank you for your time, and for your membership and participation in Osaka JALT!

The officers of Osaka JALT




This short document comprises the proposed OSAKA JALT CONSTITUTION:

Osaka JALT is a chapter of the nationwide “NPO The Japan Association for Language Teaching,” hereinafter referred to as JALT. In the conduct of its activities, Osaka JALT shall comply with the policies and directives of the JALT National Executive Board and act in accordance with the provisions of the National Constitution and Bylaws.

大阪JALTは、全国規模の「特定非営利活動法人全国語学教育学会」(以下JALTと略称)の1(支部 / 研究部会)である。大阪JALTは、その活動の実施に当たって、JALT全国執行役員会の方針と指示を守り、全国語学教育学会定款及び細則の規定に従って行動しなければならない。


Jason Bartashius: After School Lessons For Tohoku Children

Dear colleagues,

Last year I went to an event at the YWCA for Fukushima children who were doing a home stay in Kyoto.  Everyone there wished to welcome them with open arms.  I had been hoping to go to Tohoku to help out, but ultimately the travel costs and time constraints prohibited me from doing so.  So I was glad to be able to help out locally.

 After that weekend I decided to approach the English school where I work and ask if it’d be okay to invite the kids from Fukushima to join some of our classes (of course free of charge).  The owner of the school quickly agreed.   Unfortunately, it was a bit too far for the kids to travel and their time in Kyoto was coming to an end and the scheduling didn’t work out.

Shortly after this incident the wheels started to turn.  Soon a friend and I decided to create a list of schools and organizations that might be willing to offer free or discounted lessons for children displaced by the earthquake, tsunami, or nuclear crisis.  The plan was to create an information exchange website and share the list there.  We began by contacting schools we were familiar with.  Later after creating an application process we decided to contact others listed in ESL directories online.  Gradually we created a team of volunteers to help with the creation and management of the site: a web designer, a translator and a graphic designer.

Through our efforts of promoting the project and bouncing ideas off of friends and people met at JALT meetings we received feedback and suggestions.  The most often heard suggestion was to connect students with volunteer teachers for on-line lessons.  And so we began recruiting volunteer instructors to teach junior high and high school students from Tohoku.  And then a book publisher contacted us wanting to discount a couple of books for March 11th victims and share the info on our site.    

The project After School Lessons For Tohoku Children continues to grow and it’s exciting to watch it do so.  We want to create new ways for people to contribute and assist in the educational needs of affected children.  The goal is to give people ways to contribute on the local level and within their trade.   

If you own a school or are a book distributor or teacher and would like to contribute to our efforts please let us know.  It should be mentioned that the tuition discounts are from schools throughout Japan as these offers are extended to refugees who either lost their homes or are fleeing from the threat of radiation exposure.  You can find more information about volunteering on our homepage

At present we are also engaged in an advertising campaign to make sure the people who would benefit from our efforts hear about us.  A simple way everyone can contribute is to share our information via social networking. 


Jason Bartashius




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