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Osaka JALT Chapter Officer Nominations -- deadline Oct. 13

Osaka JALT Chapter Officer Nominations -- deadline Oct. 13
It’s that time of year again when we are required to hold chapter officer elections. Officers serve from the end of one national JALT conference to the next, so we plan to hold elections in early October before JALT2013 begins on Oct. 25. Our current officers would like to cordially invite you to throw your hat into the ring as a way of actively participating in running the chapter.
We’re required to have at least four but preferably five members fill the positions of Chapter President, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Program Chair, and Publicity Chair. (According to JALT rules it’s possible for one person to fill two of these positions, except that the President and Treasurer must be different people who are unrelated.) The past several years we have also had several Officers at Large that help in various ways, and it’s also possible to have other specific officers, such as Web-editor, Facilities Chair, Recording Secretary, Disaster Relief Chair, and so on. The possibilities are fairly limitless.

Duties of the required “Executive” Officers ideally are roughly as follows:
The Chapter President coordinates and oversees the running of the chapter, recruits and liaises with and assists other officers as necessary, represents the Chapter at JALT’s 3 annual national Executive Board meetings and in ongoing online JALT-wide discussions, and submits an annual report to the Executive Board.

The Treasurer manages the chapter’s money and maintains and submits monthly and annual financial reports.
The Program Chair oversees the organizing of our events, in collaboration with other officers and volunteers.
The Membership Chair focuses on our regular members by signing up and welcoming new members, sending reminders to those whose membership dues are coming or have come due, and maintains our membership records.

The Publicity Chair primarily focuses on spreading the word about what we’re doing to non-JALT members via our email list, facebook group, and any other way that is deemed appropriate.
I hope you’ll consider volunteering as an officer in the coming year, though of course you don’t need to be an officer to be actively involved.
Please let us know by Sunday, October 13, if you’d like to be an officer in the coming year by emailing us at . Hopefully we’ll have an ample number of officers so as to spread the workload and so that no one is overly burdened. You can also email Chapter President Bob Sanderson directly with any questions or concerns you may have.


HELP WANTED for JALT-sponsored vocabulary research

{NOTE: This is NOT an Osaka JALT-related project.... Osaka JALT is simply helping to publicize with this posting.}


JALT-sponsored vocabulary research 2.0 – improved
Dear colleagues,
We (3 M.Ed. TESOL candidates at Temple University Japan: Stuart McLean, Tom Rush, and Nicholas Hogg) are writing to ask for your help with our vocabulary research project this spring.  We have received a JALT research grant ( for this project, and we are confident that it will be of use to teachers in the future.  The link below is a trail version for the vocabulary test.
Vocabulary size is one of the strongest contributing factors to reading and listening comprehension.  However, studies examining our students’ vocabulary sizes are sorely lacking.  Thus, the primary goal of our research is to make informed general statements about different groups of Japanese University students' vocabulary size.  The secondary purpose of our research is to determine which factors may be useful in predicting vocabulary sizes for this population.
In order to conduct this research we need a very large number of participants, so we are using a snowball sampling method.  If you know of any other instructors who may be able to participate, please forward this e-mail to them.
If you could spare half of a class period (40 minutes) to have your students take a vocabulary test, we would really appreciate it.  The test is available through SURVEY MONKEY, the test can be completed online on COMPUTER, IPAD or SMART MOBILE (NOT TRADIONAL MOBILE PHONE). NO STUDENTS NAMES are collected.  If you email me (Stuart McLean) once all of your classes have completed the test, the results will be returned to you within a week.
Please reply to if you are able to assist us:

Teacher’s name:
University name, and prefecture:
Department name:
The number of students:
The academic year of the students:
The approximate date you intend to administer the test:
The hensachi of your department (if available, if not we can check it):
Thank you for your time.
Best wishes for 2013!


Presenters wanted for Lao TESOL 2013 on Jan.29-30

Call for presentations: Lao TESOL 2013,"Strengthening in Communication through ELT", January 29-30, National University of Laos, Vientiane.

Lao TESOL is hot on the heels of THAI TESOL (25/26 January 2013) in Khon Kaen a three hour bus trip from Vientiane. Over 400 Lao teachers of English will be attending the conference.  

Please contact Chris Ruddenklau, Teachers Helping Teachers Lao Program Co-ordinator:


Note from Chris:

Currently the conference desperately needs presenters.  Over 400 Lao English teachers will be coming from all over Laos to Vientiane for the conference. It really is a fun filled two days. As usual the dates for the conference have only recently confirmed hence the delay in getting this message to you. There is no website. I was a plenary speaker for the conference in 2010 and this year THT Laos covered just under half of the presentations for the conference. We had eight presenters from Japan in our group. Due to the dates we have only a few presenters from THT Laos interested so far this year.