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Your Osaka JALT officers for 2013-2014

Voting has ended, and here are your OJ Officers for the next year (Thanks to all who cast ballots):
President: Bob Sanderson (continuing)
Program Chair: Bob Sanderson (new)
Publicity Chair: Ray Franklin (continuing)
Treasurer: Laura Markslag (continuing)
Co-Treasurer: Joe Alloway (new)
Membership Chair: Bill Hogue (new)

Webmaster: Bill Hogue (continuing)
Publications Chair: Robert Sheridan (new)
Mini-conference Chair: Robert Sheridan (new)
Officer at Large: Stella Maxwell (continuing)
Officer at Large: Michelle Morimoto (new)
Officer at Large: Steve Cornwell (continuing)
Officer at Large: Emi Rowan (continuing)


54 Osaka JALT members will Present at JALT2013 in Kobe! Here's a list....

Here is a list of 54 Osaka JALT members (around 25% of the chapter!) you may know that will be making presentations at JALT2013 in Kobe next weekend, in addition to two workshops by our co-sponsored Featured Speaker, Elka Todeva, of the School for International Training Graduate Institute.


Elka Todeva

Grammaring: A probe into its theory and practice

Sponsor: Osaka JALT/School for International Training

In the spirit of experiential learning, workshop participants will “go grammaring” with several core categories in English: tenses, articles, the passive voice, and conditionals. Processing these experiences, they will be able to identify key features of grammaring as a type of language teaching that artfully combines genuine communication with engaging and intellectually stimulating focus-on-form, thus expediting and facilitating learning.
The presentation also offers an exploration of the history, scope, and evolution of the concept of grammaring which is full of untapped potential. The aim is to allow participants to see grammaring as a teaching philosophy where one puts a premium on learner agency and learner engagement, and grammar is perceived not as a baffling system of structures and rules, but rather as a liberating force that frees the students from their dependence on context and moves them beyond the commonly witnessed learning plateauing that comes with insufficient attention to form.

Elka Todeva, a language educator with a doctorate in applied linguistics, teaches and does research on second language acquisition, language pedagogy, and ecological approaches to teaching. Her publications include the book The Multiple Realities of Multilingualism: Personal Narratives and Researchers’ Perspectives, ESL textbooks and dictionaries, and articles on language acquisition, fossilization, brain-friendly teaching, and reflective practices. She has worked with educators on five continents. Her courses encourage teachers to become public intellectuals who initiate discussions around language planning, language and identity, language and power, and the role of English in the era of globalization.


JALT Junior: For teachers of kids/Jr./Sr.HS at JALT2013 in Kobe

The JALT Junior conference is for teachers of kids & Jr./Sr. high schools, concurrent with JALT2013 in Kobe on Oct. 25-28.

(Please share with local non-JALT teachers in Kansai.)

As you may know, there's this great international JALT conference of language teachers in Kobe on Oct. 25-28, which costs ¥17,000 per day (or ¥27,000 for a full pass) for non-JALT members.

The JALT Junior conference costs ¥7000 per day for non-members (¥5000 if a JALT member):

"JALT Junior is a satellite conference {of the JALT national conference, this year in Kobe on Oct. 25-28} that focuses on teaching children and training teachers to teach children. Main conference participants are entitled to attend the JALT Junior program at no extra charge.
Participants who register only for the JALT Junior conference are entitled to attend all of the JALT Junior presentations and all of the main conference Plenary presentations, but not the other main conference presentations. JALT Junior participants will also receive a conference handbook and a conference bag."

The 4 Plenary Presentations are (
1. Penny Ur: A Voyage of Discovery; Sat. 10-11am
2. Keith Folse: If You Are a Teacher Today, Thank Your Teachers; Sat. 2:30-3:30pm
3. Caroline Linse: Interlingual Families-Raising Bilingual Children; Sun. 10:15-11-15am
4. Kristin Sherman: How Social Media Changes Our Thinking and Learning; Sun. 2:35-3:35pm

To see a list of the more than two dozen JALT Junior presentations about kids, go to and under the "View by Context" section, select "Teaching Children" from the drop-down menu.
(There are another 3-dozen presentations listed under "Junior/Senior High School".)

All the JALT Junior presentations (over 60) are marked JJ on pgs. 55-59 of the JALT conference handbook, which can be viewed online at