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Our Osaka JALT Journal is now out! Free download here.


Our Osaka JALT Journal is now out!

Free download here, or click on the cover image below.

Volume 1 (202 pages) is divided into 9 longer papers and 10 presentation reports covering various JALT-sponsored events in and around Osaka in 2013.

Hats off and many thanks to all contributors, and especially to editors Robert Sheridan, Laura Markslag, Michael Herke, and Joe Alloway! Otsukaresama!


Please help us spread the word by clicking to download this flier and post it up at your schools:


Video & comments on EBM in Osaka on Feb. 1~2


Check out this great 4 min. video of pics from the JALT EBM (executive board meeting) held in Osaka on Feb. 1-2.

Well done and Thanks to Kim Horne of Gifu JALT!


Comments on EBM by OJ President Bob Sanderson:

Big thanks to OJ officers Emi, Ray, Laura, and of course Steve (Cornwell, JALT Director of Programs & OJ officer) and everyone else who came out and participated in various parts of the JALT EBM (Executive Board Meeting) in Osaka.

It ran the gamut of emotions, especially as we remembered and paid tribute to Kevin Cleary (obituary here) at the beginning of the EBM and at the Saturday evening party where there was an open mic for people who wanted to share stories of Kevin to do so.

Be sure to watch the video of the EBM weekend that was made by the amazing Kim Horne, who lives in Gifu and who you may remember came and led the square-dancing at last April's Back to School event.

The main items of business at the Saturday meetings were these:

1. In accordance with our Bylaws, Vice President Nathan Furuya was recognized as having automatically become our Acting President as a result of President Kevin Cleary's incapacitation and subsequent death. (Regular elections for the whole Board of Directors will take place online sometime in the summer or fall in time for the new Board to take office at the end of the OGM (Ordinary General Meeting) at the end of the national conference in November.

2. Nominations were opened for someone to assume the role of Acting Vice President to take over from Nathan. JALT's Business Manager, Richmond Stroupe, was the only nominee and he was subsequently voted in unanimously. Richmond will continue on as JALT's Business Manager as well, at least until the conference. He is an excellent person for our Board, being very well educated, talented, and a really down to earth guy with a very mild mannered temperament.

3. The national budget was very tough to balance this year, so our grant is going to be a fair bit less (about 20% less than in recent years?), but combined with our reserves it should still be plenty to do most anything.


Call for Papers for inaugural Osaka JALT Journal, deadline Feb.16

Call for Papers for inaugural Osaka JALT Journal

We are excited to announce the call for papers for our inaugural Osaka JALT Journal.  We would like to encourage all of our members to contribute to making our first publication a huge success.

The journal will be divided into the following 2 sections:

Section 1: Papers, Workshops, and Poster Presentations

·         We would like to invite members to submit papers related to language teaching and/or learning. Papers dealing with classroom practice, theory, and research here in Japan will be given special preference.

·         These papers should be approximately 4000 words in length (not more than 5000 words), excluding the abstract, figures/tables, and references.

Section 2: Short Report

·         We would also like to invite members to submit a 2-page report based on a JALT presentation you made in 2013. Members who presented at Back to School, Tech Day Plus, or the JALT2013 National Conference in Kobe are especially encouraged to submit a report.

·         These reports should not be more than 2 pages including references.

We are aiming to have our first issue published in spring 2014 (or summer, latest). The journal will be published online first and we plan to print hard copies later, if there's enough interest.  We have already been in contact with the Japanese Centre for ISSN and we can be issued ISSNs for both our online and print journal.
If you'd like to submit a paper or report, please contact to indicate your interest and to get a copy of the submission guidelines. Failure to follow the guidelines closely may result in your paper being rejected. (Guidelines also listed in Comments section below, and posted online here.)

We would like you to submit your manuscripts to for review by no later than 23:59 February 16, 2014.

If you have any questions or concerns please email Publications Chair Robert Sheridan at